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When Dads Light Up the Room

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Newborn photography is my passion for so many reason (like SO many!). One of them is the look I can capture on a new daddy’s face when he holds his baby. I mean, is there anything more precious?

Sometimes, Dads don’t enjoy their time in front of the camera for certain sessions. But I know the second I say “Ok, Dad! It’s your turn with baby” they light up and they are so proud of being that sweet little one’s dad. Warms my heart every time!

When you book a newborn session with me, family is included! Yes, that means pack up the siblings and yes- you too mom and dad! Grab not only your newborn photos but your first family photo that you can cherish forever. I do not charge extra for family members to be included in the photos and it is included in your time slot.

Also, no your older kids do not stress me out! I have two boys- I get it! I have a space for them to enjoy a snack or a couch for them to sit and read/play at while we do the baby photos at my studio.

Nervous about bringing siblings to a photoshoot? Read this!

Fathers Day

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