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Unpopular Opinion: Moms Comes First

Recently, so many of my close friends and family have welcomed their babies into the world and each have had different experiences. I saw each of them navigate the opinion of society over how they should feed their baby versus how feeding their baby is best for them. This got me thinking- "Moms come first".

Our mental health is what cares for us...and our families. Therefore, our mental health comes first.

So if you are struggling as a new mom with breastfeeding and are exhausted and you are drained. I encourage you on your breastfeeding journey. Find resources, find a friend to vent to (call me!), and/or schedule a lactation consultant (most will come to you!).

Here are a few great resources:

-La Leche League

-Oklahoma Breastfeeding Resource Center

-Kelly Mom

-WIC Breastfeeding

But look, you have to do what's best for you and your baby! That doesn't always have to be what's best for everyone around you. Sometimes plans and ideas don't work out and that is upsetting. But letting mom guilt get to you is not what's best. Keep going. So mama, if exclusively pumping is best for you- do it! If feeding your baby formula is best for you- do it! Fed is best.

At the end of the day you are the mom. You are the one who fills the needs of those in your care. You cannot do this if your 'cup is empty'. You must fill your cup to care for others around you.

If you're reading this and not a new mom but want to learn more on how to support a new mom right now, check out this blog.

I'm always here to support you and root for you, friend!!



*I am not a lactation professional, please seek medical advice from you and your baby's doctor*

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