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The many hats of motherhood

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

"Beep Beep". Wake up. Get ready. Become the morning chef for the children. Dress and style the children. Prepare them for the day. Backpacks loaded. Kiss and hug them tight. Drop them off.

Drive to work or home. Work endlessly and so focused because you know that's the only time you have to get it done. Catch up with a friend or a family member on the phone on your lunch break. Place a Target drive up order for after work.

Pick up kids. Pick up Target Drive up. Hear about their day. Homework helper. Dinner chef. Bath time. Story reader. Bedtime snuggler. House cleaner.


You get it....the list goes on and on for mothers (and parents in general). We can wear so many hats in just one do we do it all? Because we cherish our kids, our families, our selves. Self care is important, we hear that all the time. But mamas, one on one time is important too!

If you have multiple kiddos, finding some special time with each one is so important and special for your relationship. I know, it's adding ONE more thing to your list of things but I promise this one will pay off! Plan a date with your kid, read a book to just them at night, have your spouse hang with the other kiddos while you go build a Lego set with one child. It doesn't have to be big and expensive or even that long. But forming that one on one relationship is fun! It gives you time to hear their personal thoughts and ideas. It is time to get to know them on a deeper level.

Each night we try to sneak in a few minutes of "Real Time". Interrupted time asking questions to each other, with each child one on one or as a family. We get to know our kids on a deeper level and these questions open doors to more conversations, judgement free. "If I don't listen to them now, why would they ever tell me anything later?"

Mamas, want to schedule some time with your kiddo(s)? Join me on April 24th for Mommy and Me Boho Minis! These are $125, 20 minute sessions, and located at my studio. These are perfect for capturing these precious moments with your kids. Let me get some candid shots of your special hugs and tickles and of course a nice smile picture too to send to Grandma. These are also great photos for those breastfeeding mamas who want to capture that moment before it is gone. These photos are bright, light, and airy and it is a great way to gift yourself a Mother's Day present you want! Click here for more info.

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