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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Well hello if

you haven't met me before I'm Ash. I've been married for almost 8 years to my husband Eric and we have two crazy but sweet boys Parker (4) and Bennett (2). I'm a RN and loved my patients but not as much as I loved being home with my boys. As the months went by I started to feel sad like I didn't have a purpose besides cleaning dirty diapers and I needed a hobby. Just being totally transparent I'm a worker and I felt like not having something of my own whether it was bringing income into our family or not was something I craved. I needed something but I just didn't know what that might be. I found a photography class put on by one of my favorite local photographers and I had a little extra Christmas present money so I bought a camera and attended my very first photography class. I was hooked after photographing my first newborn ... on an iphone because I couldn't even figure out my camera! But in that session sweet Ryan smiled at me. I will never ever forget that moment...she was on a side table on a window in an awful wrap half falling off, but there it was...that smile. Perfectly innocent like she was dreaming of something so amazing literally nothing I could even imagine. She probably had gas and was thinking about her next tatas! HAHA but that didn't matter to me, I was hooked! I worked very hard and did a lot of model calls, I worked on my skills one on one with my mentor and I fought for every single inch of ground I could. No sleep staying up watching editing videos. I had to do this! In 10 months after my first photography class I opened my own studio. My parents had an empty space in their large shop and I saw it and thought man that would be perfect for a little studio....I was so scared....but I jumped! I knew I could be a newborn photographer forever. Some Ashley wisdom I've learned over the last few years for anyone wanting to chase their dreams and how to do it!

  1. No one will work harder than you will for your business!

  2. Be spongy. Seriously people have carved out a path would you rather hike the woods through a forest filled with ticks....uh no...I want to walk on the pretty path with flowers! Find a mentor or 5 and soak up every single bit of information you can. Maybe some things you find will work and others will be irrelevant but this is a key feature in owning your own business whether it's a completely new idea or one someone else has done that you can put your own spin on.

  3. Give yourself room to grow. As one of my favorite mentors said a goldfish will only grow as large as it's bowl! Each person grows in their own time but don't be afraid to take the leap....things will always work out or they don't so there's always a 50% chance your ideas will work and if they don't you learn something as well!

  4. "Done is better than perfect"-Tavia Redburn Stop waiting! Nothing will ever be perfect. Just because you don't have on your tennis shoes doesn't mean you're not going to run if a bear is chasing you! You make it work! Somehow someway there is a way...a door...a window...something that will get you through to where you need to be. Will it be tough...maybe but you're tougher. If you want some motivation check out one of my favorite videos HERE

  5. Last but not least ! As I fall over my feet...Grace is my middle name!....just kidding it's really Marie. I'm just your average JoNelly I'm constantly juggling keeping up with house work, paying bills, trying to figure out what my kids will eat besides ice cream and macdonalds chicken nuggets. I struggle to find time for myself and keep my cup full so I can serve others. I drink wine and cuss a little. I have a stupid donkeyish laugh and I sound like mickey mouse on the phone. I think the best advice I can give you is to give yourself grace. Things are not perfect or sunshine and roses everyday. My kids have melt downs in stores and I have melt downs in my car. It's so important to remember that you are just doing your best and that's all you can do. You just can't give up. You're worth more than that! You have a fight in you that no one else does. You have a passion that no one else has. You have a vision no one else has!

Five other weird facts about me!

  • I can only drive on long trips with my left foot prompt up on the dash

  • Mustard is not allowed to touch my cheese on my sandwich and it's not a sandwich unless there are crunched up chips on it

  • I love wine but prefer beer my favorite is Carlsberg Elephant

  • I never do a newborn session with shoes on! So come comfy because there's no judging from this lady!

  • I love conspiracy theories!

Check out next weeks blog on how to help that new momma on the block! 10 Things she won't say that she needs!

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