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Surprise! Babies have bad days too!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Let's talk about newborns for a minute! So they have been inside your uterus nice and cozy for the last 9 months. In one day they had to learn how to breathe, how to feed themselves, and how to ask for help which most of the time is crying.

They have bad days too! They are adjusting to live outside the womb. Maybe they have a sensitive tummy. Maybe they are overly tired or hungry and can't express that.

Don't worry I have a lot of good tricks to help your newborn session and help your baby be comfortable!

Let me just tell you a few of my little secrets maybe you can even use them at home!

-Keep it warm! Babies little bodies aren't used to regulating temperature yet. The studio is kept around 80 degrees so your baby is comfortable being naked and there is usually a space heater within a safe distance to make sure there are no cold drafts coming in. At your home I would increase the temperature of your home a couple degrees especially when it's sleeping time. Your baby should never be red or sweaty so keep an eye on that.

-Baby shher! Your baby has heard your voice for the last 8ish months or so. It was mumbled and they have been in basically a little baby ocean of a uterus with sloshing, shhing sounds. This is where they feel at home! Having a baby shher will change your life. A little ambient noise whether at a newborn session or at home will make putting your baby to bed so much easier! and this doesn't even have to be something you buy! You can youtube baby shhing and play it from there if you are trying to catch up on sleep!

-Swaddling! I'm more than happy to teach you my swaddling techniques at your session or you can check out my swaddling video HERE It's best to use stretchy fabric. I use knit fabric from Joann's it's affordable and warm for babies! When choosing your fabric make sure it's soft and stretchy!

If those and all of my other tricks don't work DO NOT fear! The worst that can happen is we give them a few days, maybe your hind milk hasn't came in and they are super hungry or a million other reasons! I have only had to reshoot 2 newborns in my career. So the chances that your newborn session will go just fine are pretty good! I also send you a newborn session guide which will also help your baby be more comfortable so don't forget to check that out!

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