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Storm Season Prep!

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Storm season in Oklahoma is upon us, who's ready?

storm shelter

We have implemented a severe weather plan in our house:

  • An adult is awake during the storm time frames since many happen at night

  • Supplies are ready to go and the storm shelter is cleaned out

  • Phones are CHARGED

  • We have a check in person (another family that we check in with when the storm passes)

  • If we think it will be a guaranteed storm, we will camp out in the living room so we can get the kids gathered up and in the shelter quicker.

  • Shoes are IN the storm shelter to avoid scrambling time getting shoes on us and the kids

I think the biggest thing to keep in mind when preparing your family is to not freak out. Yes, the weather can be scary and out of our control but our children are watching us. We want them calm so we CAN handle the situation to our best ability. Listen to the news, be prepared, and breathe!

Tip: if you have a shelter let your kids go down there when you clean it out. If they know what is down there and what to expect then it is less scary for them. If you don’t have a shelter, role play with them. Pretend storms are coming and you need to prepare. Play based learning at its finest, folks!

Here is a quick list of items to have on hand in your shelter for parents! Also, remember to have

- Storm radio (with USB port to charge phones/fan)

- Diapers and wipes

- Water

- Formula

- Bottle


- Extra blankets

- Snacks (I buy a couple packs of protein granola bars each year to put in there)

- Fan (this one plugs into the storm radio to charge)

- Phone charger

- Entertainment for the kids (magnatiles work great in the shelter- they can play with them on the wall!)

- Lantern/head lamp/flashlights

- Closed toed shoes for everyone

- First Aid Kit

- Bucket (because kids have to pee somewhere!) I have the collapsible bucket for space saving.

- Trash bag (to cover potty bucket if needed!)

- TP

- Whistle

- External hard drive with all documents uploaded on there (birth certificates, ss cards, etc.)

- Identification for each person (drivers license, passport, birth certificate, etc.)

Stay safe this storm season!

Xoxo, Ash

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