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Simplify Thanksgiving

Life is crazy, am I right?! Adding in the holidays and all the festivities with it can be overwhelming at times. Between the school parties, work pot lucks, family get togethers...whew! Well I am here to cheer on simplicity this year!

I was thinking of ways that I can take the pressure off of me as a mom, wife, daughter. First of all giving myself some grace as I "do it all" and simplifying the complicated.

One of the most complicated things about holidays is the cooking, baking and cleaning up! So take that pressure off of you and order your Thanksgiving meal to go this year! I found a few local and chain restaurants that are offering to go meals. Just order ahead, pick up, and pop in the oven! Buy some of those fancy paper plates and you have yourself a Thanksgiving feast without the hassle! You still get the gathering around the table without the dishes and chaos beforehand.

Here are some places around OKC to order a Thanksgiving meal from:

The Copley OKC

Spencer's Smokehouse and Barbeque

Chequer's Restaurant and Pub


Blacktop BBQ

Cracker Barrell

Whole Foods

Honey Baked Ham Co.


What are other ways you have found to simplify the holidays? I would love to hear about it!

xo, Ashley

Ashley McClintock Photography

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