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Motherhood Goals

Updated: Feb 18

We all scroll, swipe, like, comment. We watch everyday how other people are living…through social media. As moms, we follow other moms who “have it all together” or “know how to feed their kid vegetables” or whatever we feel like we are slacking in our own motherhood. But listen up (new moms especially)…these moms are just like us! Sure, I could clean a room in my house and pose in it for a photo as if it is always that clean. And sure, I could record the times my kids do decide to try the green beans but that is not my motherhood goals. Now, I am NOT bashing on these moms on social media, at all! They are out there doing their best just like that rest of us and I am totally here to cheer them on. My point is, we can’t be perfect. We all have wonderful aspects to our motherhood journey to share with another…but that doesn’t mean we are perfect moms! When you scroll, you are watching someone’s highlights in life. It is literally impossible to be a perfect anything (mom, spouse, business owner, etc).

So new moms, when you scroll on social media and see these women who are beautiful after giving birth and bounce right back- clap for them and then know that is not for everyone! It’s okay to rock the mom belly, the dark circles under the eyes and the unwashed hair. Doing so does not make you a failure. If you don’t have the time or energy to feed your infant perfectly organic homemade baby food- then add some baby food to your Walmart grocery pick up. Social media is a great tool for moms- I have learned so many things from other moms in real life and social media but trying to be everyone’s highlights is not realistic.

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So make some goals for YOUR motherhood journey. Make them simple and specific. Is your goal to teach your baby sign language? Great, do that! Is your goal to make time in the evenings to spend with your baby after a long day of work? Super, leave the laundry folding for another time. We can’t be everything so find yourself and your goals in your motherhood journey and call that a success!

And when you show up, DAYS after giving birth, to my studio for a newborn session. Trust me, I am not here to judge you or your motherhood journey. Show up tired, show up with a cranky baby, show up excited, show up with the silly siblings, show up authentically you and that is what is going to make your photos session successful.

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A totally not perfect Mom.


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