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Keep your baby cool this summer 😎

The Oklahoma heat is upon us...which means trying to figure out how to keep your baby cool this summer when you are on the go! Here are some great products to keep your baby cool but remember to keep them in the shade as much as possible and take breaks inside with some air conditioning when you can. Keep nursing and feeding them too to keep them hydrated! You've got this, mama.

1. Sunhat

These adjustable hats on amazon are super for babies as they are growing! Cinch them onto their little heads and strap them under their chin to help keep them on! These ones are SPF 50 to protect their skin.

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is SO important to any of us but especially to these babies with new skin. A favorite sunscreen with raving reviews is Supergoop Sunny Screen. It is an SPF 50 non-sticky formula that has a nourishing, gentle blend of sunflower seed oil and shea butter that’s ideal for delicate skin.

3. Stroller fans

These are lifesavers in the Oklahoma heat! Keep the air moving on these little babes when outside. These can be put onto a stroller, infant car seat, and wagons!

4. Outside Playpen

Bring the shade with you! This outside pop-up playpen is a lifesaver. Bring it to the pool to keep babe in the shade, bring it to the park, put it in the backyard even! Bringing the shade and a safe place for them to explore is so nice, especially when there are older siblings that are on the go!

Stay cool,


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