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It's summer time, baby!

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Summertime is so much fun with your new little babe!

It's a great time to put a blanket in the shade and let them lay and stretch out. Put them in the stroller and take an evening stroll and let that fresh air fill their lungs. And if they're a little older baby even blowing some bubbles let them watch and wave at the bubbles is so fun.

But please remember of the dangers of summertime and babies! This is not to scare anyone but just a friendly mama reminder (because I love your babies SO much!). Remember to take them with you...they may be quietly napping in their car seats but do not leave them in the car! It gets so hot so fast in the car- things can turn for the worse quicker than you think! Also, sunscreen! Their little skin isn't used to being exposed to that big bright thing in the sky- protect their skin with a baby sunscreen. In general, keep them cool and out of long spurts of direct sunshine. You parents are doing great- keep up the good work!

Are you expecting the arrival of a baby this summer? If so, congrats!! Take a look at my newborn packages and fill out my newborn reservation form so I have you on my radar for scheduling. When baby gets here, message me within 48 (ish) hours and we will book the exact date and time!

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