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How you can be involved with your newborn session

Are you the type of person that loves to serve and help others? Are you worried to book a newborn session because you won't be able to be involved and help?

After you reserve your newborn session, I reach out to you to schedule a newborn consultation call. A consultation call is quick and basically it's a time for you to help me determine your style, color, personality that you want in your newborn photos. You getting on this call with me and simply helping me understand what you want in your session is one of the most helpful things! I can then prepare any props and colors you are wanting and have them at the ready for your session. This helps the session run smoother and we don't waste time with decision making during your session time slot.

And furthermore, helping me pose your baby during a session is welcomed! Some poses (for example, the popular froggy pose) requires support for the baby to pose that way. It would be unsafe if hands were not supporting the baby. Therefore, I need your help- if you want!

So if you have a bright, bold, helpful personality- that is wonderful for my newborn sessions!

And hey- if that ISN'T you, that is also wonderful! I have a couch you can nap on and am always happy to hire assistance if needed.

For more info on newborn sessions- check this page out! You will be able to reserve a session, check out the posing guide, and the newborn session guide!

Xoxo, Ash

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