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How important is trusting your photographer!!!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Trusting your photographer is the number 1 thing I would recommend to anyone looking to get photos done and let me tell you why!

Story time!!!! September 13th was supposed to be my sunflower mini sessions. A few days before I received a message "the sunflowers aren't looking so hot" so naturally I went to the location and she was right. The rain had made all of the beautiful flowers slump over. They sat in 3 inches of mud just like my sad little heart. As I literally sat in my car so disappointed I thought about all the people I was letting down. See this was my first sold out mini session and they were expecting a beautiful field of sunflowers and I could no longer deliver this. I talked to the owner of the location and she said she had a little farm truck we could just clicked! OK I CAN MAKE THIS WORK! I gave the option to reschedule to a different mini session or to go ahead and come on out to see the teal farm truck. Many people kept their session and I was so so grateful! The photos turned out amazing. They didn't have to trust me or my vision, but somehow, someway they did.


So why should you trust me as your photographer?

  1. I see things you might not see! No matter how skinny you are if you put your arm straight down by your side it's going to look bigger than it actually is. I want you to love your images! So if I tell you to lift your chin or create space between your arm and body it's all coming from the heart. I'm saving you from double chin or unnecessary arm thickness.

  2. There are little beautiful moments in the set maybe you don't me to capture those. I might not be talking to you and instructing you every second. This is because these moments...moments of you brushing the hair out of your daughters face, or holding your husbands hand, or laughing because you just tripped over your feet trying to get into the perfect position for me those are without a doubt moments you don't even think about...they happen naturally and sometimes I just have to wait for those moments to unfold.

  3. Trust me to treat your family the way I would treat mine. If your baby start's running towards the street I could possibly chase after them, knock them down, anything to keep them from being really hurt. If your hair is looking like a cockatoo I'm going to get in your personal space and fix it. If your babies just aren't having it that day I will be patient with them. I will play with them. I will distract them. Trust me to get the shot. Please do not worry or think the session isn't going well. This will leave you frustrated and it's not worth it. The worst that can happen is we reschedule for a different day if it's a bad day.

  4. Please don't yell or reprimand them at the session. I know this is super hard but I promise after they are upset the session is pretty much over. If you just let your babies be themselves yeah they are crazy I know this (mine are too) This allows me to see who they are and I may even catch a little glimpse into their cute little personalities and get it on camera. You don't think you'll miss that pouty face now but just wait 20 years from now and you will adore it. It will take you back to that time in your life like a little bridge to the past and now that it's captured it will not be forgotten.

Maybe I'm a perfect fit for you and your family...and maybe I'm not but in the end whoever you choose make sure it's someone you trust. Someone who will not just stand behind a camera...someone who genuinely wants the best for you and your family. Someone who lives to see the photos they took on your wall and give you back all the love you felt on that particular day!

Thanks for reading!

With love, Ash

Mom and Daughter

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