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Get Dad to say I do to a that is

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

They're a big part of family life but, sometimes, dads can be reluctant participants in snapping a few photos.

But once they see pictures of themselves being exactly what they are- amazing dads- then they might even admit that taking a few photos was actually a little fun.

Dad holding baby with sunflowers

If you need to get the dad in your life on board, here's a few tips to help get dad excited about the idea of having photos taken, iPhone style or professional.

  1. Take pictures of things they enjoy doing! Going fishing on Father's Day? Get them all geared up and snap some candid moments of them casting. It may not be the matching outfits and posed smiles....but these will be some memories to look back on with them truly enjoying each other's company and activity.

  2. Let him be himself. Does he wear that shirt you can't stand? Didn't shave this morning? Let is go ladies...snap some photos of who he is (even with a 5 o'clock shadow).

  3. Make it fun. Trying to get that Instagram worthy Father's Day picture? Just let him and the kiddo(s) have fun taking a few photos for you. Let him tickle them, let him wrestle them on the trampoline, let him carry them. Just let loose mama and take the photos he is willing to give while.

  4. Make it quick and compliment. "Honey, can I have 5 minutes of your time for a few photos?" "Babe, you look so great right now- can I snap a photo or two of you and the kids?". Make it seem quick and that he is already ready to go to smile and move on with his day.

I hope all the dads out there have an amazing Father's Day!

xo, Ash

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