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Diary of my First Mother's Day

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

So many fresh babes have been in the studio lately (swoon!) and I am so impressed by all the wonderful parents that come in with them. They have been prepared, look amazing (how does that happen with such little sleep?), and their instincts for their little ones are out of this world. Watching them love on their newborns brings me back to when my boys were babies and how special those little moments were.

With Mother's Day approaching, my mind keeps wandering to my first Mother's Day with Parker. He was 5 months old. I had returned to my pediatric nursing position and I was struggling at that time. Trying to find a routine to pump at work and I just honestly missed my baby so much. He would literally giggle every time I went to pick him up from the sitters. I would rush home to feed him because nothing felt better after a long day of pumping then to see my baby (I used to take pictures and videos of him crying with me to work because my let down was a stubborn jerk) and feed him. I remember he would always rub my hand while he was nursing. Our first mother's day together he got me a card (hahahaha) he had a foot print on it, I got flowers, but what I remember the most is the way he fell asleep on my chest every night. We would cuddle and just breathe each other in. We were both so content and fulfilled. As I argue with him to get off minecraft and finally go to sleep tonight I know even still today he will be asleep in 2 minutes when I hold him on my chest. Forever my baby. My heart with legs out in this big bad world. Forever I will cherish those sweet first memories of my first Mother's day...The first time I really knew I had it all lying right there on my ches

My best advice I could have given myself as a first time mom on Mother's Day is to soak it in, relax, realize how many amazing things are yet to come in my motherhood journey.

So mamas- getting some photos of you and your kids is such a special treat to YOU! Whether it is your 1st, 10th, or 25th Mother's Day- they are moments you still will never get back!

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