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Decluttering Christmas

Many parents are begging to change the expectations of Christmas. Our homes and items are closing in on us as we manage "stuff" within our walls. We see toys and books piles up in bedrooms rarely played with and we see the stress on our children's faces when we say "time to clean up!"-Something has to change!

This year we are trying a new approach to Christmas. Will there still be gifts? Yes! We are aiming to give gifts that are consumable, gifts of experience, or clutter free gifts.

What is a consumable gift? It's a gift that is used but not kept around.

Some great examples of consumable gifts for children are:

-Bath bombs

-Art sets

-Science experiments

-Movie Night baskets

Experience gifts are great too! They give you something to look forward to! Here are a few experience gift ideas for around the OKC area:

-Zoo tickets (or even book a behind the scenes experience with an animal!)

- Museum tickets (Sam Noble Museum is a favorite!)

- OKC Thunder tickets

- Dinner at a Hibachi grill (Meiji Experience of Japan is a good one!)

- Ice Skating at Myriad Gardens

- Frontier City season passes

Other clutter free gifts:

- Audible subscription. Let your kids enjoy their quiet time listening to books!

- Highlights Magazine or Ranger Rick magazine subscriptions

-Kiwi Box Subscription

So help out us parents and add a joyful (clutter free gift) to your shopping list for the kids!

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