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Come on, Spring!

Is anyone else dreaming of bright colors, florals, SUNSHINE? This winter has seemed never-ending and we are feeling all cooped up.

Thankfully, I am blessed to have an indoor studio to work in during these cold months! I can keep it nice and toasty for my newborns, I've got a little kitchen area, bathroom, and even some space to sit and relax! Parents love that they can sit back and relax while I work with the kiddos.

I recently got some updated props. They are moveable walls so I can have "rooms" within my studio for boudoir, minis, the possibilities are endless! Take a peek below...

Cool, right? My studio is always being updated with newborn props, mini props, and fun items to use to kids photo shoots! I have every color of the rainbow wraps for newborns to ensure the colors match your style! One of my favorite props is this sweet little bath tub...

Oh and don't be surprised to find bits of glitter when you visit the studio! I promise I have vacuumed (x1000) but you know that stuff doesn't go away unless I burn down the place. I am a sucker for a glitter session so it will just have to be a little sparkly around here from time to time :)

Need some décor or gift inspiration? I've stocked my studio with variety of products you can look at first's a sneak peek!

Book a session here at the studio with me! I love being creative with my space here so let's bring your ideas to life!

xoxo, Ash

Ashley McClintock Photography

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