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Cheers to 31!

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

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It's my birthday! Looking back at the last year I just sit back and think "Wow!". So much has changed, evolved, and challenged me to my limits. Here are a few things I have learned with my transition to my thirties:

  1. Mental Shift: I really feel like once you are nearing the thirties range our mentalities shift. I no longer care how people view me. I know I am doing my best for my family and I. I feel confident in who I am and how I do things! So I dare you, no matter your age, to just be yourself and let everyone's opinions slide away. You are wonderful the way you are!

  2. Money: I mean, yes, money has always been something we are responsible with. But once thirty think "man that was fast"....and then your brain starts thinking about 40s, 50s, 60s....retirement!! Yikes!! I have crushed some financial goals this last year with my business and I am so proud of it and learning through it all. So set goals....and do them! They can be small, medium, large- it's up to you!

  3. Moving My Body: In my twenties, I went to nursing school, had two babies, and let's face hands felt full! But hitting my thirties is making me realize how important my body is. I need to treat it like it's my only one (well...because it is my only one!). I've created more consistent workouts into my schedule (scheduling it is key!) and have fed myself more nourishing foods. I want to be here for many years to come to watch my boys grow, so I am taking care of my body!

  4. Pursue Your Dreams: I loved working as a nurse, I really did! And someday maybe I will do it again (who knows!) but my dream for right now is different then my dream ten years ago- and that's okay! I am so happy running after my dreams of photography and all the angles I can work my business. Do you have a dream you're running away from? Make a vision board and place it somewhere you see everyday (bathroom mirror, fridge, even take a picture and make it your phone screen). Being reminded of what we want and love constantly can only motivate us to dive deeper into chasing our dreams.

  5. Family: Each year I feel family becomes more and more important. Everyone is growing, aging, and we all become busier and busier. We have stuck to family nights on Fridays and family day on Sundays this last year and it has warmed my heart. I feel more connected with my kiddos and husband and we have made some wonderful memories during one of the hardest years (historically). I am so thankful for my husband, my boys, my parents, sister, father in law, etc., and all those who feel like family! Love you all!

No matter how young you are (yes, we are all young!) just remember that there is always time to try something new, meet new people, make a situation better, and time to make your dream a reality!

I am so thankful for my wonderful (oh so wonderful) clients who have encouraged me and made me better at running my business! Don't forget that TONIGHT (7pm!) I am treating y'all to a sale. Check out my Website or Facebook for more details! Love you ALL!

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All my love,


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