Hello! I'm Ashley! I would love to thank you for checking out my website! I love babies! I love families even the different ones! I love those intimate photos that take your breath away! and I obviously love exclamation points... I have a wonderful husband Eric and we have been together 10 years now! We are blessed with two amazing boys Parker (4) and Bennett (2). Saying life right now is a crazy mess would be an understatement. My hands are full, but I like to say, "my hearts fuller". I am a nurse by trait and I love my babies. Being a pediatric nurse so far has been one of the highlights of my journey! I feel like it taught me one of the most important lessons I've learned in life which is life is so big and wonderful and I don't want to miss one single second of it! That's why I started my photography journey! We often get busy and forget about everyday moments that take your breath away. I want my clients to BE PRESENT in their every day craziness. The mess is the best part! Someday the house will be clean and the kids will be grown, it will be quiet and I want to be the pictures you look at and remember the little fingers that held your hands so tight. I appreciate each person who has let me hold a piece of their life in my hands and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to provide images that last a lifetime. 


Photo credit to Stephanie Fowler Photography

Here's a few little fun facts about me! If you want to know  more just shoot me a message! 

1. I have one dog his name is Rudy (after my husband's favorite movie) Rudy

Roo is a golden retriever and he's the world's greatest dog! He is so good with

our babies and never chews up anything. All he cares about is ear scratches

and chasing balls!

2. I will pretty much try anything once....this includes jumping out of airplanes

(check), jumping off of cliffs (check), ziplining through jungles (check)

so if you think of anything fun I need to check off my bucket list send me a

DM because I could always use a little more adventure in my life :)

3. Traveling is probably one of my favorite hobbies! We have been to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and several states in the US! 

4. I love to read. I'm currently reading 3 books because I get bored easily. (A Case for Christ, Energy Bus, and I just started Becoming Michelle Obama) My real love for reading started with Lurlene McDaniel books. She writes mostly about life altering events, grief, how to look for light in the darkest of places and her books first started my real journey of becoming a nurse. 

5. I also love to dirty pour! Sounds crazy huh...well look it up on youtube because it's crazy badass! It's a fluid acrylic painting! I like the uncertainty of not really knowing how the painting is going to turn out and I like that it's messy and one of a kind.

Other favorites include fresh flowers, the lake days with my framily (friends that become family) I have quite a few of those gems! I love being a go getter and I love adventure. We love to ride dirt bikes as a family, ski, golf, hike, and do all the things. I love cooking new recipes. Cafe Kacao, Chickfila, and Boulevard are my favorite restaurants. I love pinot noir and red blends. I love watching my babies fall asleep on my chest and a good cup of hot tea or coffee. I'm also a weirdo that loves drinking hot water and chomps on ice but not a huge fan of ice water. 

I'm on facebook and instagram too if you want to follow my journey! There's bound to be a few luscious funnies in there for you! 

With love,