Be Present in the tiny moments you'll never want to forget

meet ash


Fun Facts about me!

  • I have two little boys! Bennett and Parker

  • -My husband and I have been married for 9 years

  • I'm naturally attracted to rich tones and moments you can feel just by looking at a photo

  • I love scallops and my favorite restaurant is Mastros (Vegas,Arizona) or Boulevard in Edmond 

  • I drink coffee or wine...or both almost every day

  • I listen to 90s hits when I clean my house and my favorite band growing up was Matchbox 20...hello 30s

  • I'm also a nurse and my passion has always been for babies and children since I was 4 years old. I love all the kiddos and I will always treat them as my own. 

  • Besides that I am just a normal everyday momma on the struggle bus to make it to all the things on time...last minute gift wrapping in cars, praying I didn't forget the kids shoes again and hoping to finish my coffee while it's still at least luke warm. I would love to get to know you too! Please feel free to reach out anytime!